HAVEN OF KINDNESS is non-profit international organization based in the Philippines and Taiwan dedicated to help individuals, groups and families in need. We seek any in-kind donations to help the street children, small charity groups, families and children in poor and impoverished communities in the Philippines.



To exhibit JESUS' love and mercy through acts of kindness and charity.

To let no one ever come to us without going away better and happier.

To build true happiness for both the carrier and receiver of kindness.



We believe that kindness has to be what we dish out on a regular basis. It is about thinking of others and extending our love and resources to meet their needs and concerns. Kindness toward others is designed to bring people into a relationship with GOD as well as to one another. There is no such thing as small act of kindness.

Every act creates a ripple with no logical end... that's how contagious kindness is.



    • GOD THE FATHER who has written all the plans right before we were born. In the name of HIS beloved Son Jesus Christ, the Divine Mercy, through the Holy Spirit... we're bringing back all the glory to HIS name. May HE be glorified with our little ways of kindness.
    • Racquel Bartolome-Hsu (a.k.a Quely , 徐凱莉) - Grateful to GOD for every blessing she receives especially for healing her son from cancer (hepatoblastoma) through the Divine Mercy's touch. HavenOfKindness.org has been organized to tell the world: GOD's love changes lives to respond to HIS call, work faithfully together with HIM, and find our highest ends in fulfilling HIS.
    • Teresita E. Bartolome
    • Karen P. Hunter
    • Cathy C. Li
    • Nympha E. Bartolome
    • Mao-Ta Hsu
    • Sheila Razon
    • Jaime, Ferdinand, Roxanne, Fatima and Monica
HAVEN OCCUPANTS (Our Valued Donors and Supporters)
    • Chen-Wei and Chih-Ling Hsu (Taiwan)
    • Cathy Chico Li (Taiwan)
    • Dieter Lutzenberger (Germany)
    • Zenaida Colonia Solano (Peru)
    • Isidora Dela Cruz (Philippines)
    • Frichel Balingit-Tsai (Taiwan)
    • Silver Shine Traders, LLC
    • 7 Anonymous Donors